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Hi everyone! My name is Chris. My full name is Chris John Kline. I love to share my favorite things online with reels and all kinds of posts across the web. You can find original posts across every platform and also highlights and personal quotes on my website via topics pages and articles.

P.S- I’m with you in terms of trying not to think too hard about seeing something twice. For that reason, I have to tell you that sometimes in my website posts, I will make original quotes with embedded videos or articles that I posted across the web in case you missed them otherwise; and because it’s for that most recent topic. That is also the idea of my topics pages. Although there will be original posts on every platform, one of my favorite things to do is embed a YouTube Short or Meta Reel and talk about it on my highlights. Thanks!

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  1. Love the spin on this.

  2. Lol! These are good highlights. Will check back for next weeks…