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Jobs in America, Early 2024

‘The only way to get to the bottom of jobs is to start to look at the numbers’

Without a doubt, when any of us start to think about how jobs are essential for people in general, we also, don’t really care to keep moving forward with the plan; because it’s out of the control of everyone in the senate for so long; at least it seems that way.

With true passion, I don’t see any purpose to begin debating on previous topics or theories that surround jobs inside of America. At this time, I live by this standard that moving forward with what we know is just as powerful as trying to divinate off the past. Only, we seem to not make as much progress as we wish.

2024 is just about 2 days away and we so far will experience lack of energy from our Democratic organizations because of several valid reasons; including – focusing on democrats getting re-elected, the republicans forcing the government to shut down and also, beside that, their own holidays.

Jobs are simply easier said than done in any way that you cut it; right? What I mean is that it’s extremely clear that even a child could understand it is mostly the peoples freedom that is a product of their money which is a will to live for anyone. No, no, no; this is far off the edge, or is it? It’s extremely clear that when it comes to jobs, I did not really want to be too educating on the big online keyword, etc. I really wanted to focus on 2024 and not really talk about too much of the issue; but, if I had to make it as clear and fast as possible, here is what I would say. 

There is clearly too much division and divisive tactics that are used like templates by professionals because their theories are that controversy agitates people and that is a great retention tactic. Yes, that is what people say but we cannot focus on this, once again. I promise this all makes sense. Overall, there has been too much wasted time by turning politics into a little party and a little joke and you know, we are all corrupt but nonetheless, the big point is what’s right for America. Who exactly cares who is doing some business on the side as long as our wings are spread. Do other countries see us as weak under republicans?

On jobs, it’s clear that Biden’s contributions to the job market in America and International Affair progressive policies for inflating the American market for our consumers to work are made for a separate article.

There has been too much wasted time and the reality is that the party has to be over. If you think it is MAGA then so do I, they are the evergoing springbreakers. The reality is just as fierce though, because simply put, we have a population boom and do not need to take peoples abortion rights. We have an energy crises that is jamming up our auto industry and jamming up peoples banks quite frankly and its easy to say our economy is like an ecosystem.

It’s not about helping people out in 2024. The reality is that we need to make the cuts and save the money for our country and for our citizens. Not only do Republicans lose control of some of their private affairs like healthcare, etc inside of government, but Democrats plans to incorporate healthcare means tidier hospitals and a ton of jobs with same day pay. There is more to come about perks that plug into a quicker economy.

Companies like Amazon, Fed-Ex, UPS, etc are clearly at a stalemate and it’s not just because people dont work or people dont have money it’s because people do not have any equity or quality in their life whatsoever. There is clearly nothing wrong with any human being getting citizenship and voting if there is clearly room for everyone to get by on an appropriate but not so native scale. Not only are there not enough government buildings and services, there are too many excuses as to why state representatives cannot come up with the money to make their states better. It’s clear that the GOP is stopping this. Democrats here in 2023 are working rapidly with states to fund them as they convert to democrat representation moving forward and all of the hype is about the 2024 job market. 

Stay tuned for my next article on jobs. I will be highlighting a more intricate and industry specific approach to upgrading America for real.

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Katie says:

Pretty straight forward article and point. There definitely needs to be more jobs created.

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