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Is there even a climate crisis?

As of today and tomorrow, all we know is that it’s theoretically impossible to afford what needs to be done to fix the climate. Is it a definite or no? There are infinite amounts of reports that the winters are too cold, the summers are dreadfully humid, less exciting, etc.

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The climate is really something other than what we have time to focus on but in theory if we just press out the electric vehicles real quick, it might be worth it according to many climate experts.

Does politics theoretically interrupt climate action?

If experts are basically regular citizens, exclaiming that there is too much smog from the overpopulation and being able to compare that to basic math and basic principles, there most likely would be something in politics that would have someone interrupt the beautiful progress of the world. So it seems. It’s not generally ignored that is when there is serious issues that interrupts some trillionaires vacations, so they say, but overall I think there is pretty much a 99% general consensus on a climate issue being prevalent and it’s definitely because of electric cars; number one, therefore it’s clear that politics would be a easy way to power grab. And it’s also clear that Democrats private jets aren’t their objectively driven vehicles of expression against making America better. What do you think?

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