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Politics Opinion: Immigration

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Why are there so many issues letting people in the country?

At first glance, it’s very easy to conclude that it’s the denial of shelter systems based upon popular opinion that Republicans will lose strength in the election system. That’s one case that is becoming methodical.

Is the wall the answer today?

The Wall at the Border that Former President Trump made was a great idea in a lot of peoples minds and a bad one as well. Ultimately, there are too many issues socioeconomically inside of America. We can’t let any more people in but at the same time we are missing another big point, we have serious socioeconomical issues throughout the entire class of Americans as it is!

Republicans vs. Democrats on Immigration Today

In popular opinion; Democrats are on the side of immigrants and their family members in America and mostly it is conceived that Republicans would rather choose the argument and defend the country. At the end of today, and tomorrow, it will almost be 2025 and therefore; the current state of our country depends on monitoring two huge factors. They are everyone’s quality of life and the truth about the reality of the time.