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Politics Opinion: Jobs vs. Wages

Do the amount of jobs in America matter?

This post is a quote to my YouTube Politics Opinion.

There were 157,232,000 jobs in the US in December 2023 according to the CES survey of employers. The CPS survey of households showed 161,183,000 employed persons for the month.

Even though there are about 160 million jobs placed inside of the United States, we have gone to know our population count is somewhere around 350 million. In theory, shouldn’t 75 million of them be kids or people not eligible to work? If this was the case, we should theoretically have about 275 million jobs.

How many jobs has President Biden really made?

The official results are saying 14 million since president. Lots of people make the political argument that President Biden got credit for a ton of jobs that were seemingly involved with the shutdowns due to COVID but at the end of the day, most Americans are saying that Democrats are the best choice in terms of creating more jobs and healthier neighborhoods.

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If wages were higher would you need more jobs?

The essence of the idea remains, there is so many things to do but yet everyone seems to be on the same page about what we can do at least. Improving air quality is one thing. Building new homes is another. It’s pretty obvious that the American people have become melodramatic zombies because there is so much redundancy. For the last 200 years we have heard the same thing they all say. At the end of the day each day, we would need so many more jobs but it also requires so many new lives to have improved quality.

What is the projected state of the economy in 2025?

In my opinion the first thing we are not looking at in congress properly is the immediate conditions like roads and bridges and transportation methods. These particular things need upgrades. Professionals in politics and news are reporting that the economy is going to be one way another for each of their own respective parties. In my pure opinion, without the immediate implementations of what the Democrats have introduced to congress, our country will continue to decline. Although Republicans have the potential to do a great job in terms of building a bigger America faster, someone has to raise the question and recommend that at least someone do something fast.

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