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Politics Opinion: Looking at November Election Today

I’m asking one question, who will win?

As of today and tomorrow, most people are saying the best thing to do is expect anyone to win. We don’t really know based on the unequivocal amounts of disruptions the have taken place in our society within the last 5 years. It’s definitely a fire waiting to happen so why are we denying climate change and other just plain old rational and basic principles?

People asked me: Who Do I want to win?

Personally, I can have either party in office and I will keep repeating this. As of now, I am a registered Democrat and overall nobody is going to deny the insanity; Democrats policies should be continued and talked on in comparison to Republicans!

Who are the definite candidates in the 2024 Presidential Election?

Presidents on the Ballot for 2024

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are on the ballots. This is a politics opinion so I have to add in there that the American People don’t care anymore. We want some things to change because we expect to be here for some time.

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