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Politics Opinion: World Housing Crisis

In my most recent politics opinion on YouTube, I talked about the housing crisis inside of America and this quote is to back that up; there is one.

Someone has to tell it how it is

There isn’t denying the housing crisis. That’s the one thing about politics is that it seems like it never ends. One big solution means tons more work and tons more debating and tons more scientific revelations; yet what’s so hard to get?

Let’s leave the numbers out of the picture and just look at the communities. It’s ever clear that the rich are pronouncing these psychological issues upon people and especially in the media, yet, they are their friends as well. I get it, you get it, we get it, etc.

Getting to know yourself inside

It’s a touchy subject best left easy going in terms of digesting information about your socioeconomical status; and furthermore how important the unrealized truth is to so little amounts of people. It’s just the end of the road when you look at how there is 75% dilapidation of communities and there’s the 25% that’s quite frankly causing the indigestion with the overspending and the overaccumulations of what they consider essential business practices.

Where do you leave it?

Hopefully, we can see straight and just believe that there has been a growing amount of population across the world and therefore, things will get better soon in terms of balancing the class issues in the country that have people less fortunate in their minds!