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Politics Opinion: Commodity Prices

Today I made a Politics Opinion and stated that we are not using the American exchange like we should but there is actually nobody to blame.

What is the best thing to say about the economy as it is?

In theory everyone has a big opinion about the quality of life outside like the quality of services and the lack of money to go around. If we aren’t agreeing on that, then I guess that a lot of others would say it’s not right to not agree on that much.

In essence, we need to destroy a ton of the vacant homes that are filled with moisture, etc. Before big businesses will have more demand for products, we will have to essentially give a ton of people new housing so that they can hold a job. That goes without saying because every country is strict on the matter.

In March 2024, the number of job losers and persons who completed temporary jobs in the United States stood at about 3.04 million

 The 2.7 million new jobs in 2023 put job grow a bit closer to its pre-pandemic path. Unemployment rate was little changed throughout the year. -USA TODAY

Going into tomorrow

The first question I recommend asking is, is it minimum wage that is the issue or is the amount of jobs? I personally believe it can be a bit of both, considering that is a long shot for any organization in politics as it seems they say, what can we go to say about tomorrow?

Looking at the Reality

If we can at least fix up neighborhoods and put people in better places, that’s the absolute least bipartisan infrastructure thing that we can do in the world. Let me know what you think!